Solid-state LCB (Lithium Ceramic Battery)

LCB (Lithium Ceramic Battery) adopts solid-state electrolyte instead of liquid / jelly type so there is no leakage. Even it’s damaged by folding, hitting, penetrating, or burning, LCB doesn’t fire nor explode.
All rechargeable Li batteries need the “protection circuit” to control the voltage and to prevent from exploring and irreversible damaging.
But LCB is ultra-safe and still dischargeable after abnormal charging without the protection circuit (no short circuit, no fire, and no explosion).

FLCB, 九五至尊 橙光游戏 adopts FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) as substrate / package of LCB, is only 0.40mm±0.05 and able to do dynamic bending with FWI Technology.

PLCB, 九五至尊棋牌真人版游戏, increase the capacity by parallel and inner stacking with Al foil package outside.

BLCB, 九五至尊网络游戏 adopts ProLogium’s unique BiPolar+ Technology, is able to do inner serial and parallel inside one cell directly.  Unlike conventional liquid type Lithium batteries, there is no decomposition issue for electrolyte even more than 5V. One cell could reach ultra-high voltage from 8V(2S) to 90V(24S).

LCB (Lithium-Ceramic Battery) Core Advantages
Intrinsically Safe

No leakage/ No smoke/ No fire/ No explosion after “Physical impact, Thermal test, and Electrical damage test&rdquo.

No Leakage

Instead of liquid/jelly electrolyte that LPB use, LCB adopt “Solid-state” electrolyte. No leakage at any circumstance.

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    LCBs (Lithium Ceramic Batteries) || The Future of Battery Technology?

  • Started from a half floor office space,
    ProLogium is dedicated to reach better performance and expand the scale of production.

    After twelve years of growth, we are going to start the construction of our third plant in the end of 2018.
    Locating in Taoyuan Science-based Industrial Park,
    this plant will become the first solid-state battery gigafactory in the world!!!
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    FLCB (FPC Lithium-Ceramic Battery) is the only one Lithium chemical system battery which adopts FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) as battery substrate in the world.

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    PLCB-using Al packaging foil based on the safety of LCB. Safety is the best characteristic of PLCB,customized raidus is acceptable, thickness is recommend as 1~2mm, energy density is higher than FLCB, no leakage issue, no flameable substance. Ultra thin battery with no dangerous condition after physical impact and still discharge safe and sound. PLCB is suitable for Power jacket, or battery under special environment. For example:Power jacket for smart phone will directly increase the battery capacity and usage time. In addition, at severe High/Low temperature, as a special safety or backup battery, is one of the target market of PLCB.

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    Ultra safe. No leakage. No fire. No explosion.

  • This is a Smart Case with power inside FLCB(FPC Lithium Ceramic Battery)is embedded Increase smart phone battery for more 1000mAh Thin.Aesthetic.Safe and Reliable When charging the phone, Smart Case will be full together Smart Case extended phone usage time Physical Impact Test No explosion, no burning even after punching, hitting Penetration Test No explosion, no burning even after penetrating No fire, no explosion even nail pass through As thin as a cicada's wings

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    Mobile Geeks visit ProLogium, a Taiwan based company that has some of the world's most innovative battery technologies. A week or so ago, we were fortunate enough to visit ProLogium, one of the most innovative companies currently in the field of battery manufacturing. Based just outside Taipei, Taiwan, Prologium have been in existence since 2006, having spent the last 7 years in deep R&D mode, developing, testing and finalizing a radically new kind battery that marries high density output with a flexible ultra thin form like nothing you have seen before.

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    flexible smart watch battery Taiwanese company Prologium is showing off a FLCB or Flexible Lithium-Ceramic Battery that can be burnt, cut, punctured and foldered all while still powering a device. We take a closer look at this technology in action. FLCB is t he only one Lithium chemical system battery which adopts FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) as battery substrate in the world.

  • In March 2018, a senior engineer from a well-known battery manufacturer in the US came to ProLogium for safety testing, and actually witnessed the LCB solid state lithium ceramic battery cell that was diagonally cut in half and after 24 hours it could still charging the cell phone.


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  • Japanese professional science and technology magazine came to ProLogium tested LCB battery! After hitting/penetrating/folding/cutting/sinking into the salt water, the result also let technologist said “it's amazing すごい”.

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    At Computex 2014, a company showed off a battery that pends like aluminum foil so it can be used in wearables and other mobile devices.

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    На выставке Computex 2014 представили новый стандарт литий-керамического элемента питания в форме тонкой пластины. Она продолжит работать, даже если свернуть ее в кулек, продырявить, поджечь или отрезать от нее кусок.

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The Edison Awards Ceremony, one of the biggest ann